The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol

Dates: October 4 – December 16, 2016
Grade Level: K–3
Assembly Time: 1 hour

Alex is on a quest to spread dental health across the land! With the help of the Tartar Patrol, a Youth Tooth Troop, Alex is determined to make sure everyone in Flossington and beyond knows what it takes to have a happy and healthy smile. On a special mission to earn his Wisdom Tooth Badge, Alex adventures to Molar Mountain to meet Count Plaqula, a dentally-distressed vampire who lives with his pet bat, Braces. With messages about brushing for two minutes twice every day, flossing regularly, choosing healthy foods and non-sugary beverages, and making trips to the dentist fun and scare-free, The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol identifies simple changes we can all make to ensure that regular oral health care is easy and fun.

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*** Please note: to insure the most efficient scheduling, we request that you first consult together at your school to determine what dates and performance times would work best for a K-3 assembly, THEN click the "Book Now" button.  We will make every effort to schedule your performance from among your top three choices. If we are unable to perform at one of your preferred  dates/times, you will be contacted by ETP staff to set a time that works for your school. ***

Details for The Amazing Adventures of the Tartar Patrol! for Grades K-3

  • Sessions are booked Tuesdays-Fridays.
  • This program is designed for grades K-3. (Please do not invite other grades, as the content has been specifically created for these grade levels.)
  • It's important for us to maximize our resources by serving as many students as possible when we visit your school, so it would be wonderful if all K-3 students were invited to the assembly. We are happy to do two back-to-back assemblies to serve the entire K-3 population at your school, if that would be helpful!
  • The run time of the play is 30 minutes. To allow for student seating and dismissal, please plan for a 40-minute assembly.
  • We will arrive 45 minutes early to check in with your school's office. If possible, it would be great to have someone available at that time to show us the performance space, and supply us with a six foot table, a chair, and access to an electrical outlet. (We bring everything else!)
  • We will require a space large enough to seat all students, and that has a cleared 20’x20' performance area. We usually perform in gyms, cafeterias, and auditoriums.

Please see our helpful FAQ or email our Administrative Director ( if you have questions, or need assistance in completing your booking request.


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