Laugheceuticals FAQ

How much does this program cost?

 Laughaceuticals is a FREE offering. There is absolutely no cost associated with this program.

Is this workshop for students or adults?

Laughaceuticals is a professional development opportunity created for adults to inspire laughter and play in the workplace. Laughaceuticals has been enjoyed at health conferences, schools, and a variety of small business and corporations, and we are always open to new venues.

What themes are addressed in Laughaceuticals? 

This interactive workshop focuses on using play and laughter to create a culture of wellness at work and to support the physical, emotional, and social health of employees. With messages about building personal awareness and skills to promote overall health, Laughaceuticals helps educate communities and workplaces about the health benefits of laughter and play. Participants engage in improvisational theatre techniques to practice the art of play and inspire ways to incorporate it into their own lives.

How can we explore the themes of Laughaceuticals once the workshop is over?

(Coming soon!) Click on this link to our website to find a list of games frequently played during the workshop. Each game is listed with instructions on how the games work and the talking points that are relevant to the social aspects of each game. You will also find a list of suggesting reading materials that deal with the themes covered during Laughaceuticals by clicking on this link.

How do I book Laughaceuticals?

To book the workshop now you can simply click here. If you have any questions or complications with booking, please click here to contact Stephanie Cordell.

How long is Laughaceuticals?

The running time for each part of the workshop is 60 minutes. You can choose to book both workshops within the same day or on different days; can you alternately request to just book Part I or Part II, depending on your community's needs. When requesting session times, please allow a brief window of time before the session begins for preparation and set up.

Can I book just Part I or Part II for my workplace?

You can choose to book both workshops within the same day or on different days; can you alternately request to just book Part I or Part II, depending on your community's needs.

How many people do you need to attend the workshop?

Laughaceuticals can be done with anywhere from 10 participants to 100 participants.

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

The participants will not need to bring anything to the workshop or wear anything special in order to participate.

What kind of venue does this program require?

We need a cleared space that is large enough for the participants to get up out of their seats and move around while playing games.

What are the technical requirements of the program?


Do you need us to rearrange desks or tables?

If there are tables and chairs currently in your space, we will arrive early enough to re-arrange them into a half circle with an open space in the middle. We will also be more than happy to make sure the room is returned to the same arrangement in which we found it.

What kind of staff support do you need?

We will just need someone to meet with us when we arrive to show us the presentation space.

What is Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program, and how does it collaborate with the Oregon Children’s Theatre?

For more than 25 years, Kaiser Permanente has brought health education to our communities through the Educational Theatre Program (ETP). Through music, comedy, and drama, our live theatre programs and artist-in-residence programs are offered to schools and communities free of charge in each of Kaiser Permanente’s seven regions. In the Northwest, Kaiser Permanente has partnered with Oregon Children’s Theatre for the last ten years to bring this vital work to our community.

Kaiser Permanente is proud to support initiatives like the Educational Theatre Program (ETP) that focus on community health and well-being. Themes of past plays include obesity and bullying, healthy eating, mental health, and peer pressure. 

Since 1986, Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program has reached an estimated 15,206,780 million people.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for supporting educational theatre opportunities for your students!