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In consideration of being permitted to bring one’s dog to the work place, I do hereby unconditionally release, indemnify, waive, discharge, and agree to hold harmless Oregon Children’s Theatre from any loss, damage, liability, and expense, including court costs and attorney fees, that may be incurred as a result of injuries, including death to persons or dogs, or damage to property, directly or indirectly associated with the owner bringing his/her dog to the workplace, whether caused by the negligence of other staff or guests, or otherwise. Additionally, I am willing to accept responsibility for any costs incurred if my dog bites another person or destroys individual or company property, willing to provide evidence of my homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy if requested by management, and willing to accept cues from co-workers about my dog’s behavior, without defensiveness, if concerns are brought forward to me about my pet. BY SIGNING THIS AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE, THE DOG OWNER EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES AND REPRESENTS that he/she has carefully read the foregoing terms and conditions, understands the contents thereof and signs voluntarily; he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent; and executes this Authorization and Release intending that he/she, his/her spouse and family members, and his/her heirs, assigns and personal representatives if deceased, be legally bound by same.