1 ½

Year: 2010-2011
Grade Level: 4-6
Assembly Time: 1 hour

Going deeper than the food pyramid, 1 ½ addresses the social and environmental influences that complicate positive decision-making, emotional triggers that transform food from fuel into "coping mechanism," and the interpersonal conflicts that arise out of this crisis facing young people and their families.  Two versions of 1 ½ will toured in 2011. reaching over 20,000 students in over 150 area schools. Both versions addressed the same core themes through the eyes different young people, allowing the production to return to schools sooner, continuing the conversation with a fresh perspective. This program was offered free to schools.

Study Guide

The 1 ½ Study Guide includes a variety of exercises, from writing and discussion prompts that can take as little as five minutes, to activities that can be expanded over multiple weeks. Because issues raised in 1 ½ touch every aspect of students’ physical, emotional, mental and social well-being, we hope that students will have the opportunity before and after the performance to explore the main themes in the play. The guide includes...

  • Pre-Performance Writing/Discussion Prompts, introducing students to the main themes and content in the performance.
  • Post-Performance Writing/Discussion Prompts, helping students and teachers explore and think critically about the key issues in the play.
  • Individual and Class Activities, engaging students in creatively exploring the factors related to health in their lives, and inspiring them to make healthy choices as individuals and as members of their school and local communities. All of these activities can be completed before or after the performance.

Click here to access the 1 ½ Study Guide.


Click here to see recommended reading, websites, videos, and organizations. Note that this list was curated at the time of the production (2011), and not all links may be up-to-date.