A Perfect Safe Summer Day

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Every year, on this day, PJ and his best friend celebrate summer by having the PERFECT summer day: bike riding, swimming, a picnic, and rides at Oaks Park! This year, however, PJ has a different idea about what summer should be: playing video games and watching movies. Is it because PJ is older and wiser? Is it because PJ is a dog? Or, is it because last year their "perfect" summer day was a DISASTER? Help PJ and their friend fix their friendship and figure out how to do their favorite summer activities safely... and maybe together we can all have a PERFECT SAFE SUMMER DAY! 

Date: Tuesdays, June 19 - August 28 at 2pm and 3pm

Duration: 25 minutes

Age Level: All Ages

Location: Oaks Amusement Park, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland

Admission: FREE!