Resilient Schools

Dates: Ongoing
Audience: Teachers, School Staff, and Administrators
Number of Participants: 25-35
Workshop Time: one 2-hour session (multiple back-to-back sessions available); can be shortened to 90 minutes if necessary
Charge: Free-of-Charge

Change is constant in a school environment, and the struggle to keep up with shifting expectations and new initiatives can leave educators and administrators alike feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Resilient Schools focuses on the ability to remain optimistic and engaged during times of change. This workshop offers the opportunity for all staff to start productive dialogue around why well-meaning initiatives sometimes struggle to get off the ground, some strategies to improve communication and collaboration, and tools to regain a sense of empowerment that each individual can use their energy to make an impact.

Activities are designed to provide participants a safe place to practice, question, discover, and learn. They also include large and small group discussion, peer interaction, self-reflection, and kinesthetic experiences. The program is appropriate for teachers, staff, and administrators at a school, and is most effective with 25 to 35 participants. Multiple sessions can be provided to accommodate larger groups.


  • Room Requirements: A large open room that accommodates the number of participants

  • Room Set-Up: Chairs for participants in a semi-circle

  • Set-Up Time: A minimum of 45 minutes before the learning session

  • Break-Down Time: A minimum of 30 minutes after the learning session

Questions? Call Kerry Ryan at (503) 467-0550 or email

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