The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol

Dates: Performed 2015 and 2016
Grade Level: K–3
Assembly Time: 1 hour

Alex is on a quest to spread dental health across the land! With the help of the Tartar Patrol, a Youth Tooth Troop, Alex is determined to make sure everyone in Flossington and beyond knows what it takes to have a happy and healthy smile. On a special mission to earn his Wisdom Tooth Badge, Alex adventures to Molar Mountain to meet Count Plaqula, a dentally-distressed vampire who lives with his pet bat, Braces. With messages about brushing for two minutes twice every day, flossing regularly, choosing healthy foods and non-sugary beverages, and making trips to the dentist fun and scare-free, The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol identifies simple changes we can all make to ensure that regular oral health care is easy and fun.


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