The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol FAQ

How much does this program cost?

The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol is a FREE offering. There is absolutely no cost associated with this program.

What themes are addressed in The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol?  

This play focuses on making good choices to keep our teeth happy and healthy. With messages about brushing for two minutes every day, flossing regularly, choosing healthy foods and non-sugary beverages, and making trips to the dentist fun and scare-free, The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol identifies simple changes we can all make to ensure that regular oral health care is easy and fun.

How can we explore the themes of this performance in the classroom?  

On the main booking page, click on the “Recommended Websites” and “Recommended Reading”  links to find a variety of creative activities that will allow your students to apply the content of the The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol to their own lives. You'll find reading lists, videos, activities, and many additional resources for your classroom.

How do I book The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol to come to my school?  

To book a performance, simply click Book Now.

What kind of venue does this program require?

 This play performs in gymnasiums, cafeterias, cafetoriums, auditoriums, libraries, and multi-purpose rooms.

How long is the assembly?

The entire assembly, including seating the students, presenting the performance, and releasing the students, is forty minutes.

How many students can attend the assembly?

The minimum number of students per assembly is 50, and the maximum number of students is 300. We are happy to do back-to-back performances at your school if your K-3 population exceeds 300. It is our desire to reach as many of your K-3 classes as possible, so please do invite everyone!

What are the technical requirements of the performance?  

When we arrive at your school, it would be helpful to have a school representative assist us in finding the best load-in access to the performance space. We will also need someone to procure us a folding chair, a six foot table, and access to a working electrical outlet. We will bring our own sound system and microphones. A 20' x 20' performance area is needed in addition to the student seating area. 

Can our 4th and 5th graders attend The Adventures of the Tartar Patrol (in addition to our K-3 students)?

The content of our productions is written to be grade-level appropriate, so please schedule the program for grades K-3 only. Thank you for your understanding. (We rotate the grade levels we serve each season, so check back with us for information about future productions appropriate for other grades!)

What is Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program, and how does it collaborate with the Oregon Children’s Theatre?  

For more than 25 years, Kaiser Permanente has brought health education to our communities through the Educational Theatre Program (ETP). Through music, comedy, and drama, our live theater programs and artist-in-residence programs are offered to schools and communities free of charge in each of Kaiser Permanente’s seven regions. In the Northwest, Kaiser Permanente has partnered with Oregon Children’s Theatre for the last ten years to bring this vital work to our community. Kaiser Permanente is proud to support initiatives like the Educational Theatre Program (ETP) that focus on community health and well-being. Themes of past plays include obesity and bullying, healthy eating, mental health, and peer pressure. Since 1986, Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program has reached an estimated 15,206,780 million people.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for supporting educational theatre opportunities for your students!